• katekate February 2008
    Anyone interested in hedgehogs?May i know which breeds are more attractive to people?It's because i plan to breed one but im still new to it..
  • March 2008 Edit
    If u are new, i suggest u know all the fact b4 even considering breeding. Even if you have a pair they should b kept separately till they are matured enough to breed.

    Happy rearing ur hedgies.
  • March 2008 Edit
    Thank you for your advice.But i read through some in4,and i found out that it's better to put them together since they are young.I tried to seperate two hedgies and they didnt get along well.Anyway,thanks a lot.
  • June 2008 Edit
    for your information hedgehog are solitary
    they should not live together
    as for baby ,they should separate as their age around 6 month

    Juse buy ONE, SINGLE hedgehog since they are solitary and don?t normally like to share a cage. Never buy a male and female to be placed in the same cage unless you intend to breed!

    good luck getting ur hedgie