i have rare 1 iguana but not tame...y..
  • RonRon June 2008
    i have 1 iguana buy from petswonderland i hold it on there it was very tame but i take back 2 house then i hold it .. it will use its tail ..2 sweep me..how 2 lets it tame..?
  • June 2008 Edit
    Spend times near it, do something, read a book for example. Move slow at first, then move fast...let the Iggy get used to your presence and movements. Then slowly wave your hand at him, try to interract.

    Other than that is feeding, place food not too close to your Iggy at first, keep some distance and as days pass slowly move closer. And then try to hand feed him.

    And when you carry your Iggy, always approach from the bottom, carry Iggy from his tummy, don't come from the top, it would startle him. And as days progress try to gently pet him.

    Yes try these first. All the best!
  • June 2008 Edit
    thx...but it always scared me... i put the food very far of it ...it also juz it tail try to sweep me..help!!! ....
  • June 2008 Edit
    good luck to u, ron