• [b1df7c56025]Snakes[/b1df7c56025]
    MILK-Pueblan Milk snake, Albino Nelson Milk snake,Hypo Honduran Milk snake

    KING-Mexican Black Kings snake, High White Cal Kings snake

    CORN - Albino Cornsnake, Creamsicle Cornsnake, Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake, Snow Cornsnake, Bloods Cornsnake, Ghost Stripes Cornsnake, Blizzard Cornsnake, Lavender Cornsnake

    [b1df7c56025]Bearded Dragons[/b1df7c56025]
    Hypo Pastel, Orange, Red Hypo, Super Red, Sandfire

    Normal Leopard Gecko, Albino Leopard Gecko, Blizzard Leopard Gecko, Tangerine Leopard Gecko, Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko, Super Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko, Sunglow Leopard Gecko

    Tokay Gecko,Green Eye Gecko, Cat Eye Gecko

    Red Eye Tree Frog
    White Lip Tree Frog
    White Tree Frog
    Malayan Horn Frog

    HEDGEHOG ALL COLORS (PROMOTIONS !!!)[/color1df7c56025]

    FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE KINDLY SEND ME PM OR EMAIL ME AT [b1df7c56025][u1df7c56025]REPTILESKINGDOM@GMAIL.COM[/u1df7c56025][/b1df7c56025]

  • August 2008 Edit
    Everything have been in Malaysia for the pass 2weeks. Our shop is located at NZX Ara Damansara. Please write to us regarding your enquiry. Fast respond. D Cheers
  • February 2009 Edit
    can i see sum pics of the iguana's n geckos? email me at
  • toshioronetoshiorone June 2011

    I am from Singapore and currently looking for a pet Leopard Gecko. If

    you do delivery to Singapore, after woodland check point collection,

    please contact me. I am a serious buyer. Thank you!

  • johnmaster07johnmaster07 March 2012
    do  u have fire belly newt?